Polished Heavy Granite Mortar And Pestle Set Guacamole Bowl


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  • 🥑 Made from solid granite stone, this mortar and pestle (molcajete) set is sturdy and durable. The surface is polished for a smooth appearance.
  • 🥑 A excellent kitchen tool for crushing, grinding, and mixing cooking ingredients. Ideally for making fresh salsa, dressing, guacamole and more. Although intended for culinary use, it could be use for pharmaceutical needs.
  • 🥑 A anti-scratch pad provide additional traction to keep it in place and also protect the underneath surface from being scratch up.
  • 🥑 The capacity for the mortar bowl is 2.1 cups or 500ml. Weight approax. 5.5lbs The mortar is approax. 4-1/8″(H) and 5-3/4″ for the outer diameter with 4-1/4″ inner diameter. The pestle is approax. 6-1/8″ in length.
  • 🥑 The cone-shape pestle is narrow on top and wide at the bottom. This is more ergonomics when holding the pestle and maximize crushing effort to yield more efficient use.


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