Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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A dull knife is a dangerous knife and seasoned cooks know that keeping your knives sharp is the key to avoiding dangerous slips. This Professional Knife Sharpening Kit can precisely sharpen straight-edge knives. This kit comes with 4 different densities of grindstones in order to handle a variety of your sharpening needs. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily it transforms dull blades into extra sharp edges.

  • Quality: This knife sharpener comes with 4 high quality stones, which can well meet your requirement. This blade sharpening tool keeps knives razor sharp and ready to cut. You will be surprised at the quick results.
  • Durable: Made from durable ABS plastic, quality stainless steel and high-grade grindstone, this knife sharpening kit is designed for total durability.
  • Design: Designed for optimal sharpening and safety. Has a fixed angle design, which will make the knife stay steady on the sharpener. Keeping your hands safe while using the tool.
  • Variety: The professional sharpening system with adjustable sharpening angle helps to sharpen all kinds of kitchen knives, also can be used for scissor and peeler.


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